The Meaning of Lead Generation

There is no need to convince anyone about the need of having online marketing strategy these days – it is obvious. Some terms are more important than others in marketing – lead generation belongs definitely to those of the highest level of significance.

What is a lead

Lead is a person or a company potentially interested in our services. Lead are defined differently, depending on what brings value to the company – it may be a person, who left their contact data or subscribed for a newsletter, but it may also be a person who visited a webpage or gave the company a call. What is important, is the contact that has been establish with a potential client.

Lead generation

What is lead generation? It is a process of attracting people to your company, so that they allow you to contact them – in other words, they leave you their contact data, call you or visit your website. It may seem a bit blurred at the beginning, but there is a whole brunch of marketing that occupies with that, so called lead generation marketing. There are in fact some lead generation strategies to follow, if you want your business to grow.

How to generate leads?

First of all, you need to think about how you can encourage people to attract them to your business and encourage them to leave you their contact data. A good idea is e.g. to offer a free trial of the product or a couple of professional articles, that introduce you as an expert. The second step it to think what your target group is and how you can approach them. You may concentrate on chosen social media, internet forums, e-mail marketing or even of taking part in theme events. Third step is to concentrate on the content you offer on our website. You should offer interesting and professional articles, but posts on social media are not of a less importance. What next? Think about good UX design. Content is king, but if your website does not look well or if it is difficult to find a place to subscribe for a newsletter, do not expect visitors to have patience and look for it for ages. The last think to remember is to address potential clients and encourage them directly for action. Tell them clearly that you want them to get in touch.

If you follow these steps there is high probability that you will get a lot of leads. Do not however expect too much – it is completely normal that only some percent of webpage visitors become a real lead you can address, even less will eventually become your customer.