Why Your WordPress Website Need A Knowledge Base?

Have you ever thought, that a simple thing like a knowledge base on your website could become a goldmine and make you very very rich? Well, it can.

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A simple thing like that can increase your sales, user satisfaction rate, help you with your SEO, and drive more traffic to your website. In this article, we’ll tell you how to achieve all that with the knowledge base theme. 

It Provides Needed Information

A knowledge base can provide lots of very useful information for your website visitors and clients. If you think it through, a knowledge base could even become the main attraction of your website.

For example, you could be running a cooking blog, and people would be capable of finding all the answers about cooking in your websites knowledge base. How many eggs you need for a perfect dough, how many grams is one ounce, and similar. This could all appear on your knowledge base.

Or you could use it to tell your clients more about your products. If you are selling some specific clothing for survival, you could add additional information about different materials and technologies that help keep you dry, warm, and give you many other advantages. Then you could also put links to specific products that were made by using one or another technology. 

It Helps Your SEO

We’ve already talked about linking to other products in this article before. This is actually a perfect strategy for your SEO – this will drive more traffic to your website and help you grow your sales. But don’t stop by only linking to your products, use more internal links by linking from one point of the knowledge base to the other. Create a web between them and enjoy the benefits.

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Another thing you shouldn’t forget if you want to receive the maximum benefits of SEO is the right keywords. Google Adwords offers a free keyword planning tool. Therefore if you still haven’t figured out what keywords works best for you, you can use it.

After you determine the best keyword for your business, try to use them as often as possible in your knowledge base. This will improve the benefits of SEO even more. Also, don’t forget to use additional tips to optimize your website SEO even more. 

It Grows Your Sales And Makes Them Happen Faster

You’d be surprised if you knew how many people nowadays prefer to search for information on their own. It’s hard to say why it is this way. Maybe it’s because society has changed, we are so used to Googling stuff instead of asking. Perhaps we have become more of an introverts than ever before. Here’s where a knowledge base on your website shows it’s best benefits – a client doesn’t need to ask to receive needed answers.

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Another thing to consider is that even if you have a chat on your website and all the contact information, even the contact form plugin, still there will be situations when you won’t be available to answer your client’s questions. Therefore a knowledge base can help. A client will come to buy your products or services in the middle of the night and if he or she has any questions – they can just use the knowledge base to answer them, and they won’t have a problem with placing an order right away

It Can Improve Your Website To A More User-Friendly One

Always keep on track with the most visited pages of your knowledge base. What are your clients searching for? Is it your contact information, or maybe the shipping information is often unclear to them? And what about the terms and conditions of returning items?

Notice, if some searches appear very often. If people cannot find your contact information easily and they need to use the knowledge base for that, then maybe you should consider placing your contacts elsewhere. Or you may play around with the design of your website, change up the colors and the fonts so the contact information would be more visible.

Therefore, a knowledge base is a great tool for your website improvement. No one will tell you better what could be located and done better on your website that the client itself. Just this time – via the knowledge base.

So if you choose to add a knowledge base to your website, try the WordPress Knowledge Base used by over 20,000 customers – it’s trustworthy and effective. And if you’re a real fan of customer satisfaction and support, here are 5 more WordPress customer support plugins to improve it.