Top Software Blogs

Being a software engineer is quite appealing for college graduates, due to the prestige and income that comes with it, but very few are aware of the extensive work and studying involved.

The tech field is very dynamic, and you must get enough knowledge to make it. That said, you could always check out any of the following for some great help and insightful content:

The Toptal Engineering Blog

The Toptal Engineering Blog is one of the biggest, most expansive blogs in the software design and engineering field, and its readership shows that. Articles on this platform are written expertly, and you get a depth of knowledge compiled by hundreds of contributors from various aspects of the software development space.

Here, you get access to mass information at a consistent, reliable pace. The blog comes with new content almost every day, so if you’re looking to get updates from the industry and other news regarding the software engineering space, this is somewhere that you want to get your eyes on. You should, however, note that while the topics range rather widely, you get a focus on the tips of the trade and how you can leverage new technologies to your advantage.

For a consistent and in-depth collection of knowledge in the programming and software design industry, there are only a select few websites that can compete with this platform.

Digital Software Products

Every software engineer hopes to get their hands on tools that can help them get better and hone their skills. Well, the Digital Software Products blog is your #1 plug for that. The blog provides frequent reviews of tools and software, and can also help you review something you’ve built to help point you in the right direction and give you pointers on some things you might need to tweak.

Posts on the platform are adequately separated, with categories ranging from image converters and business software to utilities and business solutions software. The reviews can go a long way in helping you roll out a great product.

Coding Horror

A lot of software designers and engineers have humorous sides to them. It’s a known fact that most people who try to teach some of the most confusing parts of the trade tend to make things much easier by throwing in some humor into their material to make their lessons more relatable.

Well, in the world of software engineers who have bucketloads of humor, Jeff Atwood is in a class of his own. The designer, who made his name as a respected web app developer and the founder of the popular Stack Exchange, regularly lends his expertise to Coding Horror; a blog post that he started to connect with his fans and followers so far, he’s done an incredibly good job of managing this blog.

As expected, the most endearing part of Coding Horror is the humor that it comes with. From quotes and fun facts to anecdotes and flat-out jokes being written in explanations, this blog truly has it all, and it makes for an even more enjoyable reading experience. Posts are easy reads, and with a combination of immersive multimedia, you have a blog that you’ll always want to read and scour for content.

However, beyond all the jokes and fun stuff, Atwood still does a great job of sticking the landing. The blog administrator understands that his job is to teach and provide insights on several topics, and he does a smashing great job at that. He doesn’t take himself too seriously while doing it, and that’s fine.

Posts here come about once a week, but you’ll be hooked as soon as a new one comes along.

A List Apart

A List Apart is a great blog for software designers as well. With a wealth of information and several formats with which it presents them, this blog gives you your fix pretty well. You have the option of reading in-depth blog posts and understanding the topic, as well as engaging in Q&A sessions if you have any burning questions and watching interviews with some web and software development professionals to get their insights on some murky areas as well.

It’s worth noting that this blog focuses primarily on web technology. However, there’s some content related to other parts of software engineering there. Posts are as frequent as possible, but you can rest assured that they’re al of high quality 

A lot of software designers began taking cues from this platform before branching out to launch their own thing, so you at least know that you’re getting your hands on premium content from it.